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What is Glyph Concepts:

Concepts is the venture incubator arm of Glyph, focused on funding and nurturing great social
ideas into sustainable businesses around the Glyph community.

We know how hard social enterprises are and we want to be Stronger, together. During the
incubation stage, we support the idea with internal manpower, customer base, marketing,
office space and cash when necessary.

If an idea finds product market fit and gets validation from the market, it would be spun out
as a Glyph business line on its own, with the original founders forming the management team.


Asia’s New Economy for the People,
by the People


Accelerating Social Mobility,
Enhancing Standard of Living


Gratitude, Persistence,

Why Grow Your Dream with Us:

1:1 Mentorships:

We put a lot of emphasis into developing people within the team, because we know that
good people that make things happen, and we are committed to developing a world
with you.


Be it a support network or strategic partners, our network spans beyond C-suites to
specialists from all walks of life, across all industries. We’ll be your sounding board
whenever you need to get your idea revved up and running in half the time.


The Glyph brand has been carved into the community from our existing businesses. Our
base is loyal, vests their trust in us, and wants us to grow stronger. It takes time to
build a strong brand, and we know how to get it right.


There’s much risk going at it alone; burning through cash to hire folks, running
campaigns and all the little expenses that add up. We will fund all necessary
expenditure as
it comes along until the business becomes self sustaining.

Market Access

The disadvantaged community with its limitations & lack of exposure to digital marketable
channels, has proved difficult for any social enterprise or startup to achieve scale.

The most effective ways have been roadshows and door knocking within the heartland
which are both manpower intensive & time consuming.

Glyph has established a direct sales team and marketing channels into these communities.

Glyph is Family

Family means nobody gets left behind. Which is the very reason why Glyph was built in the first


Regardless of which walk of life our members came from, family is Family, and that is not
determined by certificates, divorce papers, adoption documents or skin colour. Families are
in the heart. The only time family becomes null is when those ties in the heart are cut.

If you cut those ties, those people are not your family. If you make those ties, those people
your family. And if you hate those ties, those people will still be your family because
you hate will always be with you.

Just as the journey a member walks with Glyph; however short it might be, we want to be
etched within their hearts.

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Applications are open all year round and anyone from anywhere can apply to Glyph Concepts.
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