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(2nd August 2019)

$12m boost for inclusive sport

Social enterprise Glyph, which offers sports activities, workshops and programmes for those aged between five and 17 from underprivileged backgrounds, is one organisation that could also benefit from the fund.

While it has 300 active participants monthly out of 1,000 registered members, Glyph director Shaun Wang believes that it can do more to reach out to more youths in need.

(1st August 2019)

S$12 million fund to help vulnerable persons gain access to sporting programmes

Social enterprise Glyph, which focuses on helping youths from low-income or disadvantaged households, told CNA that the fund can also be used to expand its programme offerings.

“From squash to ice skating to rock climbing; it’s really just giving these kids something they might not have experienced in school or might not (be able) to afford,” said Mr Shaun Wang, one of the directors of Glyph.

Mr Wang added that it could also be used to expand the group’s outreach efforts.

“Right now we are centrally located, and we want to get out to the northern, eastern and the western parts of Singapore, where there are not that many Voluntary Welfare Organisations that provide sports programmes for youths. We want to give them the opportunity to find something that they can be passionate about,” he said.

(1st June 2019)

A symbol of strength and courage moves into Radin Mas

On April 5, Mr Sam Tan joined Glyph’s partners, sponsors and members to celebrate Glyph’s move to a new home in Bukit Merah Central.

Glyph makes holistic education accessible for disadvantaged youth by organising activities, workshops and non-academic programmes designed to foster critical thinking and build creative capacity. Glyph aims to cultivate the young people’s social and cultural capital, empowering social mobility in the communities who need it the most.

(23rd March 2019)

弱势群体和青年创作者 共创“艺术地铁”旅程


(20 March 2019)

GLYPH X Band of Doodlers

Last December, we are honoured that BOD reached out to us for a collaboration project, the Noise Local Motif, in which 4 of our budding artists Aiman, Azira, Sky and Zhi Xi had took part in. With the help of mentors from BOD, our kids produced an artwork that is now featured on the Downtown Line trains!